Camp Diaries: Rani

Hello everyone! 


My name is Rani Naciuk. My first bus ride to Camp Misquah in 2014 was a memorable one. The excitement was infectious! As I sat among the campers, listening to everyone reminisce, I felt like part of the Misquah family before we had even arrived. I had just needed a summer job to get through University, but camp changed my entire career path.

As a counselor, I was primarily responsible for the safety and well being of a small group. I assisted these campers with the activities of daily living and made sure that they received their medications on time. I quickly became a friend mentor to those in my care and wanted 2014 to be their best year yet! I encouraged participation in all that Camp Misquah has to offer! Especially my favorite camp activities…Beach Afternoon, Evening Hike and Camp Misquah’s famous spontaneous dance parties.


Letting my campers do my make-up one rainy night was particularly memorable. Every color of the rainbow was used, and every inch of my face covered! I learned that I loved this job and wanted to do it year round! I changed programs to become a registered nurse

When I returned to Camp Misquah as a nurse, I was administering medications, dealing with any emergencies and promoting health! I still felt like a counselor, just with more campers! Even though I am now a registered nurse working in the city, I still come to camp on my days off. I have forged life-long bonds with campers and staff alike and can’t imagine my life without Camp Misquah!

- Rani