Work at Camp Misquah

Are you interested in having the experience of your lifetime? Check out our staff reviews to why people love working at Camp Misquah, and see the typical job positions we hire for below.

*Job applications for Summer 2020 are not yet open.



Over the course of the week, the counsellor has many roles: best friend, guardian, bedtime story-teller, dance-party-starter, and so much more!


Senior Staff

Senior staff manage the day-to-day operations of the camp and ensure that staff and campers are safe and enjoying themselves at all times.


Nurse/First Aiders

Nurses are the superheroes of camp - they keep everyone healthy while having fun! Nurses oversee the majority of daily medical treatment, while there is a hospital 30 minutes away in case of emergencies.


waterfront Staff

Waterfront staff are essential for the safe and fun operation of camp, including the highlight of everyone’s day - beach afternoon! All waterfront staff are NLS certified, and supervise in groups.


environmental Site director

In this inaugural position, this staff members will help the Misquah grounds and facilities stay beautiful AND environmentally-friendly throughout the entire summer, running programming and planning.


Support Staff

Support staff keep Camp Misquah moving - dishwashers, porters, maintenance workers and cooks are necessary to keep everyone properly fed and happy!



Misquah recently introduced their first cohort of counsellors-in-training (CITs). CITs are student volunteers, ages 14+, who enhance the camper experience while gaining volunteer hours.